🌟 Lucy's Stars 🌟

What is your favorite season? We Love Autumn!

If you are an Autumn lover, this is for you! This capsule is inspired by the Celebration of the Seasons and the uniqueness of Autumn. In this time of the year, light is reducing, and invites us to prepare for Winter and brighten our inner lights of wisdom and courage. No matter how Autumn looks where you live or what language you speak, this is a great season.

We feel very happy we are able to express our happiness through watercolor for you and the kids that around you. Four new prints are available in this capsule and a lot of adorable new children illustrations with cute imagery and words so children can create their own Autumn celebration. Look into ‘Pumpkin Fields’, ‘Little Mouse’, ’Hey Blue Bird’ and ’Lucy's Stars’.

This is for our friends, family and the ones we love, hoping we can hug and get together with them again forever. We are so excited to share this first & new capsule with you!

With love,

Luz Andrea + Team Milktology®