Peace for Ukraine White Onesie

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100% Oekotex® Certified Cotton Onesies

Digitally Printed with Oekotex® certified inks.

Our children always need to know the world is good and beautiful.


Today, I need your help making sure babies and children from Ukraine, who are fleeing from their homes and their parents, will overcome the several traumas they are suffering, in order to continue with their lives.

Milktology® is my part in the world, devoted to persevere a happy childhood for every child, wherever they are born.

When you buy this product, you are helping this children and families.

Your donation will go to Notfallpädagogik. A non-profit organization dedicated to help children and their families overcome trauma in cases of emergency, so they can continue with their lives. They are now present in many countries of the World, working in collaboration with many organizations like Red Cross and Firefighters.Today, two of the Pedagogues are right now in Krakow, at the border between Poland and Ukraine, providing support to local working with refugees. In the next few days, they will also try to provide support directly in Ukraine.

Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given us.

We are very grateful for your kindness.


Luz Andrea and Milktology®’s Team