Winter Bear and Friends.

We gather up in the couch of an old and cozy cabin. We light some fire and open a big storybook about bears and other animals. Children are so enlightened by stories, the songs we play and sing with our favorite guitar and our friends and family together enjoying each other. Moments like this stay with us. Imagination has always been my favorite gift of life. I remember when I was a kid that my favorite animal was chosen on a trip to the zoo; as I was watching the panda bear, I said to my aunt, "I never want to leave this place, leave me here I'll sleep with the panda! I wanted to share this because I cherish so much this moments of childhood and imagination. We want to keep on imagining, reading, singing and lighting up our inner light as we navigate through the dark and cold winter. In this collection, we bring white to light up our hearts, a lot of rainbows, bears, penguins, rabbits, stars and colors bring us elements for creating enchanting stories. Our kids and their imagination will be delighted.