Avocado Dye Bib

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100% OEKO-TEX® certified soft cotton bib. Super fresh and comfortable! This season our colored garments are made entirely with natural and earth friendly dyes, like avocado and tea. Natural dyes make soft hues or soothing shades and are safe for humans and minimum environmental impact. Please have in mind that garments dyed naturally:
+ Are unique.
+ Are handmade, with love and gratitude for Earth friendly resources. Each one is carefully dyed individually in our Atelier.
+ Avocado gives a variety of beautiful shades of pink, so you might receive in your order several tones of pink, from light to medium.
+ The same for Tea. Amazing sand tones can show within the same order.
+ Each garment can present color variations itself. It may be uneven or have small spots from the same coloring process.
+ Natural dyes can fade in several washes.
+ Each garment will have a tag to inform customers about this process.

Thank you for safely choosing natural and unique garments!