About us


Milktology is a baby and children’s line, founded in 2009 by designer and illustrator Andy Jaimes inspired in sharing powerful and meaningful messages through their garments, supported by the fashion industry, specially her retail partners and fans helping sharing this messages worldwide.

We support sustainable practices. We are so happy we can take one little step more, towards sustainability. We love you Earth. Part of this efforts are:

We work with sustainable raised cotton, part of the Cotton Trust Protocol. 

All our Cotton is Oekotex Standard Certified.

We Eco print all our fabrics, using Oekotex Certified Ink, in Suatainable Certified facilities. Using Clean Energy, 0% Water Consumption, 50% Less Green House Emissions, 90% Savings in Energy Consumption, PET Recycling, Use of Bio Packaging.

We use natural pigments for some of our toys, our favorites are tea, avocado, cabbage and onions!

Some of our toys are filled with 100% Natural Wool. We believe children must be in contact with natural materials!

We support hand downs. Since our opening, our apparel is made carefully with the highest quality and meant to be passed down to little ones, cousins or neighbors. 

This is us.


I am Andy.


I am Marisol.


Luz Andrea + Marisol + Yael + Lupita