About us


We are a Design Atelier for Kids. We design all kind of stuff for babies and kids. We started our company in 2009. As many companies, our founder was about to become a mom and started designing baby t-shirts for her baby and friends only. She started setting up a showroom at her apartment in the city, and suddenly she got invited to participate in a Baby Fashion Fair and the brand was a success. We have designed for many clients, including big brands for babies, football teams, department stores and more. We are now a team that work in benefit of childhood. Through our work we like to contribute on making our world beautiful and good for children and for all of us who sorround them.

Thank you for being part of this project.

This is us.


I am Luz Andrea.

I am Estefanía.

I am Marisol.


Luz Andrea + Estefanía + Marisol + Lau + Lupita + Mary + Juan Carlos + José + Vero + Kryshna