We Are Humans

We are Humans.
- A n d y o u a r e u n i q u e . -

Challenging times bring us new ways of inspiration and creativity.
And this collection is an expression for this.

You, and all the people we have known in our life, are a source of inspiration. A few months ago we chose this theme during the pandemic and it has been the most amazing source of creativity. We are amazed on the great thoughts about humanity. We talked a lot about us, about our skin, our eyes, our hair, our body, what we like, the language that we speak - there are so many! - , our lifestyles, all of this bring so much beauty to the world. There is diversity among us, and this is perfect! Humans are meant to be unique!
After long brainstorming sessions in our homes, a lot of ideas came to our minds and we were more excited to continue.

Pencils, brushes, watercolors and natural plant dyes where our tools of expression.

A few days passed by and then WOW! The collection started to come alive. First through simple sketches and then painting.

Art made us feel we were together!

If you like patterns, you’ll find 4 new ones: 'The People We Know', 'My Eyes', 'I live here' and 'We are a Rainbow of Colors'.

We are so happy we can share this with you.